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    Magdalena Osial

    Magdalena Osial is an academic teacher and researcher from the University of Warsaw. Her research focuses on nanomaterials and their application in medicine and the environment. She works on several interdisciplinary projects including electrochemical sensors, medical diagnostics, pollution monitoring, and engineering. Her passion is science popularization, so when she is not in the laboratory she enjoys science workshops for kids. Usually, she spends her free time sharing her passion for science, hiking, drawing, old-school PC games, and board games. contact: mosial@chem.uw.edu.pl

Author's Posts

  • Motion Sickness On A Board

    Motion Sickness On A Board0

    The Industrial Revolution changed our lifestyle. It made it possible to cross long distances faster than ever before. However, some people did not fully adapt to the new ways of travelling. What is going on? Travelling has never been easier. But, for some of us, being a passenger can be a nightmare.  When we sit

  • The Science Behind Falling in Love

    The Science Behind Falling in Love0

    Cupid’s Arrow strikes suddenly and unexpectedly. Starry eyes, butterflies fluttering in the stomach, sleeplessness, and overwhelming joy. We fall in love. And the real chemical boom in our body and brain has just started off. Is love just a chemical reaction, or is there more to it? Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting

  • Fear, our Primitive Friend

    Fear, our Primitive Friend0

    Fear is one of the oldest — in some forms, as old as sentient life on Earth itself—and most primitive emotions of all, designed to guarantee our survival since the beginning of humankind. We evolved fear to protect ourselves from on-going dangers. Fear is the reason why we would rather not be in a forest