UA Magazine welcomes submissions from everyone who wants to share popular science articles. Please, read the following guidelines in their entirety before submitting your work.

General Guidelines

Send us your pitch to our editor, Rita Silva, with the subject line ” ‘LastName’_’Title’_NewArticle “.

When submitting your article, send us a list of references.

We value the free flow of scientific knowledge. When doing research for your article, please consider using open access articles. Our readers will thank you for being able to read the entire scientific article without price barriers.

We cover a wide range of topics (Health, Environment, Physics, Neurology, and many others). Our public has different academic backgrounds and different degrees of knowledge of the topics you are writing about. Write in a language that everyone can understand even if you are explaining the most difficult story of the universe.

We accept reposts from your personal blog and we will not keep the copyrights over your work.

Article guidelines

News pieces (400 – 800 words) Focus on an event (a discovery, a new law, a price) and tell it objectively. Explain why this event is relevant for the science field, who is involved, is it a groundbreaking discovery or a discovery that reinforces what we already know in the field. News pieces are time-relevant.

Interview (600 – 1000 words) Put into words a nice conversation with an expert and send us. Be sure your fact-check what the person has said.

Essay (900 – 1200 words) Give a personal perspective on a topic that interests you. It doesn’t have to be time-relevant but it should be original. Be aware and critical of previous essays on the topic.

If you have an idea for a column or want to pitch us a story, just let us know. We are open to new ideas.