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Scientists succeed in bringing molecules into a new quantum state of matter

A group of researchers from the University of Chicago, led by Professor Cheng Chin, ultra cooled down a gas of atoms synthesizing, for the...

Part of the dust accumulating in your house comes from outer space

Some of the dust ending up in your vacuum cleaner is extraterrestrial. Astronomers call them micrometeorites, alien rocks as small as pollen grains. But...

The survival of planetary systems

In 1992, Aleksander Wolszczan and Dale Frail rocked the astronomy community discovering the first two planets around a star other than our Sun. Until...

Recent evidence of a possible fifth force of nature

Scientists conducting an experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) reported evidence of a violation of the Standard Model of subatomic particles,...

Science as street art in Leiden

Have you ever walked through a poetry book? This is what you will experience visiting Leiden. More than a hundred murals with poems compose...

Seven Minutes of Terror

Curiosity can't wait for his new coworker Perseverance to hit the thin Martian atmosphere next February 18th. As you read this, the NASA rover...

Space-Related Events that Closed Out 2020

Arecibo collapses, Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, and more!

All About Graphene

Everything we know about graphene and what could make it even more impressive.

Awesome Astronomy To Take Your Mind Off Current Events

The largest structures in the universe, potential exomoons, some strange exoplanets, and even an exosolar System that might be full of habitable worlds.

Back to Another Future

What if we could go back in time to prevent the Covid19 pandemic?