Space & Physics

Catastrophic Events on Earth Imprinted on the Moon

An alien iron rock the size of the Arc of Triumph strikes the atmosphere. Traveling much faster than the sound it turns into a...

6 Discoveries that Will Help Us Understand Life Beyond Earth

Looking at some of the interesting things to come out of Space and Astronomy this past year.

Voyager 2 Leaves the Solar Influence and Enters the Interstellar Space

Voyager 2 has entered the interstellar space, outside the Sun’s realm. Researchers Bill Kurth and Don Gurnett, at the University of Iowa, confirmed that...

The Other Side of the Universe

Grab a book. Notice its length, width and thickness. They correspond, respectively, to the three dimensions of space and, we reasonably assume, to all...

No Escape From Black Holes

The first image of a black hole On April 2017, eight telescopes turned to the sky, pointed to a black hole and photographed it. Those...

Digging for Dark Matter

Ancient rocks could hold the key to discovering the elusive nature of Dark Matter.

Geometry of Spacetime as a Quantum Information Processing Device

Photons pass throughout the twisted spacetime near black holes, changing their orbital angular momentum. What does that mean for quantum computing?

Sir Atiyah Claims He Solved a 160-Year-Old Math Problem. Did He Really?

Bernhard Riemann formulated his hypothesis about prime numbers in 1859. 160 years later, mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah claims he solved the million-dollar-worth problem.

The True Harmony of the Spheres

The motions of celestial bodies through space are more captivating than mere textbook depictions suggest.

TRAPPIST-1, One Year On

TRAPPIST’s one-year anniversary has come with exciting discoveries. Here are the two most recent and promising ones.