Space & Physics

The Other Side of the Universe

Grab a book. Notice its length, width and thickness. They correspond, respectively, to the three dimensions of space and, we reasonably assume, to all...

No Escape From Black Holes

The first image of a black hole On April 2017, eight telescopes turned to the sky, pointed to a black hole and photographed it. Those...

Digging for Dark Matter

Ancient rocks could hold the key to discovering the elusive nature of Dark Matter.

Geometry of Spacetime as a Quantum Information Processing Device

Photons pass throughout the twisted spacetime near black holes, changing their orbital angular momentum. What does that mean for quantum computing?

Sir Atiyah Claims He Solved a 160-Year-Old Math Problem. Did He Really?

Bernhard Riemann formulated his hypothesis about prime numbers in 1859. 160 years later, mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah claims he solved the million-dollar-worth problem.

The True Harmony of the Spheres

The motions of celestial bodies through space are more captivating than mere textbook depictions suggest.

TRAPPIST-1, One Year On

TRAPPIST’s one-year anniversary has come with exciting discoveries. Here are the two most recent and promising ones.

A Way To Entangle Photons, Naturally?

Rotating black holes may be able to create entangled states within single photons.

Quantum Technology of Spinning Black Holes

Thoughts of a researcher on quantum technology and the Universe.

Demons Exist – In Quantum Mechanics

Physicists have finally resolved the paradox of “Maxwell’s Demon” via quantum mechanical experiments.