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United Academics Magazine delivers articles, interviews with experts, and long features on major scientific developments. We strive to tell quality, well-supported stories about discoveries worldwide. Our contributors cover topics from the human body and mind to the mysteries of space and physics. We stand for open access to scientific journals.

Our Team

Louis Lapidaire

Founder & CEO

I founded United Academics to create a world where scientific research results are accessible to everyone.

Alexandra de Castro

Science communicator/Editor-in-chief

I am a science and technology communicator and a bilingual freelance writer —Spanish and English— with a research scientist background (Ph.D. in Physics). I hold a specialization in communication and divulgation of science and technology by the University of Oviedo, Spain (2014). My fifteen years of experience as a scientist include a postdoc position at the Institute for Theoretical Physics at the Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany (DAAD fellow); Professor of physics, tenured, at Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela; and Research Associate at the University of Sydney, Australia. For the last three years, I have been the Leader of the non-profit organization Persea Foundation. I joined United Academics magazine as Editor in 2021. My passions are theoretical physics, particle physics, climate change, astronomy, and space exploration.

Ishani Bhattacharya

Copy-editor/social media manager

I am a researcher and science writer trying to bring together cold, hard facts and compelling storytelling into a domain that’s often overlooked by scientists and writers alike. As I like to put it, I aim to entertain and enlighten. My clichéd hope is to leave the planet at least slightly better than we found it and I think clear-cut, non-patronising, engaging science communication is key to it!

Dana Dumea


I am an innovative Illustrator and Graphic Designer currently based in The Hague. I am skilled at blending brand goals with design aesthetics to create captivating images. I look for inspiration in art, music, science, and nature in her spare time, hoping to capture that magic and implement it in her designs. My passion for experiencing and absorbing the wonders of the world fuels my creativity and ignites my desire to create truly impactful designs.

Smriti Srivastava


I am a molecular biologist by training and a science communication enthusiast. I love making illustrations on scientific facts. I use different media; it can be digital or hand-drawn. I have done my Ph.D. on the molecular biology of fruit ripening from CSIR-National Botanical Research Institute Lucknow, India.

Tamara Pharadashvili

Social media manager

My background is in journalism and communications. I am passionate about reading scientific articles and learning constantly about the world. In recent years I have become anxious about the dominance of fake news and mistrust towards science from society. I think that It is crucial to rely on science and fact based information. My goal is to make scientific discoveries accessible to a wide audience and to contribute to the fight against fake news.

Pamela Herrera

Social media manager

I started my professional career as a physiotherapist, I have a master's degree in Public Health. I have worked in hospitals, startups and NGOs focused on social inclusion. I am passionate about disability inclusion, social equality and healthcare. I enjoy researching and writing about issues related to social inclusion and providing solutions to improve the lives of vulnerable people.

Job Lamb

User Experience Designer/Coalibry

I'm focused on creating meaningful user experience true design. I specialize in designing and developing user interfaces and digital products. I don’t restrict myself to design. The blend of design, user experience and research is where I feel I shine.

Erik Schoorl

IT manager

Freelance software developer.

Former team members

  • Cátia Pereira
  • Anouk Vleugels
  • Anna Keuchenius
  • Elke Weesje
  • Katja Keuchenius
  • Nesru H. Koroso

Rita Silva do Santos

Smart by Design. Erasmus project

I joined United Academics team in 2015, during my Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, at the VU Amsterdam. By that time, I was starting to realize that, more than planning scientific experiments, I was interested in understanding how science evolved and where it is going. After joining United Academics, it became clearer that open access must be the path for science advancement. In 2016, I became United Academics's editor-in-chief.

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