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Aquiles and the tortoise. The impossible race of expectations versus needs in drug development

Most of you know about Aquiles and the tortoise paradox, one of Zenon's paradoxes on the impossibility of motion. According to Zenon, no matter...

Top 5 scientific investigations in need of attention

Last week, a dear friend of mine asked me: If you had large amounts of money to spend on research, what kind of investigation...

Nonlinearity, failing principles, and COVID19

In our years of broken ideologies, few, very few principles survive. The ones that do are fairly stable. The core idea of liberalism is...

The Fight for Social Justice in American Hospitals

February ushers in Black History Month, a time to remember and celebrate Black lives in all forms and capacities. This month also marks a period when the intersections of Black identities and social justice are brought to the forefront of society.

Doctors Are Not Taught to Care for Underserved Populations

The LGBTQ community doesn’t receive appropriate care because doctors are unprepared to address sexual health, hormone affordability, and personal identity.