Space & Physics

Galactic Updates: TRAPPIST-1 and Other Exoplanetary Interests

Catching up on the most interesting exoplanetary system to-date, as well as a couple of notable findings by Kepler mark 2.

Quantum Communication with the Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Should we start looking for quantum messages from extraterrestrial intelligence?

Kepler – The Astronomer Who Was Guided By Divine Providence

On this day 399 years ago, German astronomer Johannes Kepler formulated the third law of planetary motion.

The Discovery of Radioactivity – That Time the Sun Didn’t Shine In Paris

On this day, 121 years ago, Henri Becquerel opened the drawer where he kept his photographic plates and realized his experiments took an unexpected turn.

Quantum Computing with Spacetime Curvature?

General Relativity and quantum theory, the two pillars of modern physics, although notoriously difficult to reconcile, may beautifully work together, as a new paper suggests. Moreover, the spacetime curvature and twisting create, manipulate and communicate quantum information encoded in light.

Communicating with Aliens: How Far Ahead in the Future?

If, and when, we establish contact with alien civilizations, we need to be prepared to redesign the way we see the world. After the publication...

The Pursuit of Signs of E.T Life Will Reshape Our Very Own Nature (I)

Most likely, we are not the only living creatures in the vast Universe that surrounds us. Searching for extraterrestrial life is just one of...

The Most Interesting Stellar System Of All?

The dimming patterns of KIC 8462852 still baffle observers, three years on. Back in September 2015, Yale astronomers released that the KIC 8462852 star, that...

The 7 Most Interesting Extrasolar Systems

Beyond the well-known Solar System, there is an immensity of other unique systems. 

Quantum Information Encoded in Spinning Black Holes

Spinning black holes are capable of complex quantum information processes. The black holes sparked the public imagination for almost 100 years. Their presence in the...