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Mind the Gut: How Our Guest Bacteria Health Affects Our Brain

We are not alone, and we don't need to search further away on another planet. An entire community of microorganisms live inside our gut,...

Fear, our Primitive Friend

Fear is one of the oldest — in some forms, as old as sentient life on Earth itself—and most primitive emotions of all, designed...

Do Plants Have Consciousness? Most Likely Not and They Are Fine With That

In our first article from the “Paper in Review” series, we point our magnifying glass to an Opinion article that debunks the idea that plants are conscious beings.

How Reading Books Changes Your Body

Reading stories increases brain connectivity Most people have read at least one story that changed their way of thinking. Researchers at Emory University have found...

Lack of Sleep Triggers the Brain to Eat Its Cells Uncontrollably

Chronic Sleep Deprivation correlates with an enhanced phagocytic activity in the brain’s cells.

Gene-Mapping The Human Brain

Allan Jones and his team, from the Allen Institute for Brain Science, underwent an ambitious project to unravel the endless complexities of the human brain.

Psychosis: Understanding The Symptoms

Dealing with psychotic patients takes more than looking at their diagnostic labels. A psychosis occurs when someone loses contact with reality, usually due to hallucinations (feeling compelled...

Momnesia: Does Pregnancy Really Change The Brain?

Pregnancy does cause brain alterations, but scientists still disagree about other factors. Momnesia is a slang term for a mother’s seeming inability to remember something...