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    Rita dos Santos Silva

    I joined United Academics team in 2015, during my Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences, at the VU Amsterdam. By that time, I was starting to realize that, more than planning scientific experiments, I was interested in understanding how science evolved and where it is going. After joining United Academics, it became clearer that open access must be the path for science advancement. In 2016, I became United Academics's editor-in-chief.

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  • 10 Science News from 2020

    10 Science News from 20200

    January 2020Tragic month in AustraliaThe 2019-20 fire season in Australia was one of the tragic of all times. By the end of January, more than 50 fires were still active. One million hectares of forest and parks across Australia have burned, and dozens of people lost their lives.WHO declares Covid a pandemicOn March 11, whenREAD MORE
  • A Slip in the Eurasian Plate Caused a Massive Earthquake in Croatia

    A Slip in the Eurasian Plate Caused a Massive Earthquake in Croatia0

    Croatia was hit by a massive earthquake this morning. The 6.4-magnitude earthquake had an epicentre in Petrinja, 50 kilometres south of Zagreb, the country’s capital, and was also felt in Bosnia and Serbia. This is the biggest earthquake to hit the area since 1880 when an earthquake of similar size stirred Zagreb. According to Croatian