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Bug-sized Mountains That Might Power Ripples in Space-time

Fabian Gittins and Nils Andersson from the University of Southampton in the UK simulated the forces that may cause imperfections in neutron stars. They are trying to find out how these hypothetical mountains would have emerged and how large they would be. The scientists modeled the highest peak a neutron star crust can support, i.e., before the crust fractures.

Scientists reveal Mars’ inner structure

When the Greeks observed the errant lights in the sky—which they named planets—they probably never envisioned that, one day, we could actually reach the...

Molecules essential for life found close to the center of the galaxy

The development of the cell membrane was a milestone in the success of life on Earth. A cell membrane is a wall that protects...

The survival of planetary systems

In 1992, Aleksander Wolszczan and Dale Frail rocked the astronomy community discovering the first two planets around a star other than our Sun. Until...

Our rights to the sky

During a solar eclipse in India on October 20th, 1868, English astronomer Norman Lockyer noticed a peculiar yellow shade in the light detected with...

Kepler – The Astronomer Who Was Guided By Divine Providence

On this day 399 years ago, German astronomer Johannes Kepler formulated the third law of planetary motion.

The 7 Most Interesting Extrasolar Systems

Beyond the well-known Solar System, there is an immensity of other unique systems. 

That Time When Everyone Went Crazy About (Extra)Terrestrial Signals

Earlier this week, a team of Russian scientists reignited the discussion about alien contacts and extraterrestrial life. The RATAN-600 radio telescope, set out in...