• That Time When Everyone Went Crazy About (Extra)Terrestrial Signals

    That Time When Everyone Went Crazy About (Extra)Terrestrial Signals0

    Earlier this week, a team of Russian scientists reignited the discussion about alien contacts and extraterrestrial life. The RATAN-600 radio telescope, set out in southwestern Russia, picked up a strong signal, allegedly arising from a star located 94 light-years from the Sun. Known to have planets in its orbit, the HD164595 star could be a

  • New Cool Space Discoveries

    New Cool Space Discoveries2

    Astronomers found the most Earth-like planet to date and more.  This past week all eyes were on the ring-bearer, the doppelganger, and the stalker. Sounds like the title to a bad horror novel, but in reality it refers to three cool discoveries in the astronomical realm. The Ring-bearer On March 26, Brazilian researchers announced the discovery of an

  • What Makes Our Solar System Stand Out

    What Makes Our Solar System Stand Out6

    How solar system arrangements and common planet types don’t match our Solar System. If you’re a Star Trek fan, then chances are you know about the planetary classification scheme that’s used to identify a planet so you know what to expect of the world before you get there. The solar systems devised were no doubt