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Everyday Life in a Sex Tourism Town

What is it like to live in an international sex tourism town?

Trauma and Cultural Identity of Refugees

Culturally sensitive diagnosis enhances the mental health diagnosis of refugees and migrants.

Learning to Learn with Bushfires

Finger pointing, blame and scapegoating is not the answer. Looking forward and understanding the risks is the right way.

The Amazing Brains of Musicians

The brain of a musician is incredibly plastic; it can rearrange its old networks and form new ones. But how can we study musical training in real life conditions?

Alien Limbs: Living in a Struggle Between Body and Mind

How literature can help people with extreme body disorders.

Time to Quit the Nature versus Nurture Discussion?

Human behavior is a blend of culture and cognition. We need to acknowledge the overlap between the two concepts and increase communication between culture and cognition researchers.

Game On! Playing Video Games May Bridge the Gender Gap in STEM

Why we need to encourage girls to play video games if we want more women in STEM jobs.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Challenges of Predicting Response to Treatment

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, disabling disease that mainly affects the synovial joints. The identification of responders and non-responders before initiation of therapy would aid in making strategic treatment decisions and improve clinical outcomes.

From Sensing Proximity to Understanding Crowd Behavior

How do users interact with products in a store? What is the best disposition of artwork in a museum? How can airports prevent queue formation at security checks? Predicting crowd behavior through proximity sensors is not that far ahead in the future.

What Did Viking Music Sound Like?

Did the Vikings have music? The Germanic Scandinavians of the Viking Age (c. 793-1066), often called “Vikings” for the part of their population that went...