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A Good Night’s Sleep Might Set You Free From a Troublesome Relationship

The link between quality of sleep and marital satisfaction is bi-directional. A study published in Sleep Medicine Reviews in 2007 revealed that the quality of people’s...

The Discovery of DNA Structure – Who Stayed in the Shadows of a Nobel?

In 1962, the Nobel Prize of Medicine was given to Watson, Crick and Wilkins, for their finding of the double-helical structure of the DNA molecule. But who were the scientists overshadowed by the names of Watson and Crick?

When Less Is More: The Costs Of Corporate Control

This article was originally published on Ciennce. Something smells fishy about corporate governance today. Scandals, breach of trust, CEO hubris and apathy of corporate watchdogs...

How Do Most People Do Mathematics?

This article was originally published on Ciennce. Mathematics is an important part of modern society. Science and engineering are hard to imagine without mathematics, and...

Equations On An Airplane

A guide on how to deal with math-unfriendly passengers. A professor was recently escorted off a USA domestic flight and questioned by security staff because,...

In Praise Of Solitude In Science

Do scientists and innovators benefit from spending time alone? In an age of big science and large collaboration consortia, the benefits of solitude may not...

A Glossary of Annoying Expressions In Science Communication

Are shallow remarks a sign of the fuzzy boundaries between opinions and facts in science?

The Perks Of Data Sharing

Data sharing is no longer a question of 'why', but rather of 'when' and 'how'.

Fairness In Science: What For?

Why is the quest for fairness in science still relevant today?

Once Upon a Time… On the Origin of Fairytales

Researchers uncover the origins of fairytales through evolutionary biology's methods