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I've always found the living world fascinating, which inspired me to pursue higher studies in Biotechnology. I love science and constantly strive to stay updated about the current developments in the field. I started out my professional career as an academic writer (Nursing and Medical). I've also had a project fellow position in the field of molecular medicine. The dissemination of factual information to the general public and science journalism have recently piqued my attention. Right now I am working as a freelance SEO technical content writer and senior academic content writer.

From contraception to genetic therapies: promising developments in women and children’s healthcare.

What’s going on in the field of medical advances in gynecology, obstetrics and pediatrics? Post-pregnancy weight-loss pills captured much of the limelight in 2023...

New finding brings hope to better treatment for Osteoarthritis

The collaborative research conducted by scientists from the University of Adelaide, Australia, and Columbia University, USA, showed promising results in the effective management of OA with the help of stem cells.

How Instagram Reels impact users’ mental health

According to a study “Does Smartphone Addiction, Social Media Addiction, and/or Internet Game Addiction Affect Adolescents’ Interpersonal Interactions?” by Yang et al., published in the MDPI Open Access Journal, wide-spread use of multi-functional smartphones has increased screen time and decreased real-life interpersonal interactions.

Is Anti-Müllerian Hormone a reliable marker in Assisted Reproduction for mature women?

Reports regarding the findings on the prognostic factor of Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) for clinical pregnancy and live birth in assisted reproduction are contentious. This might be due to the presence of several confounding factors like quality and quantity of the embryo transferred rate and age of the females.