Mind & Brain

The Amazing Brains of Musicians

The brain of a musician is incredibly plastic; it can rearrange its old networks and form new ones. But how can we study musical training in real life conditions?

Alien Limbs: Living in a Struggle Between Body and Mind

How literature can help people with extreme body disorders.

Lack of Sleep Triggers the Brain to Eat Its Cells Uncontrollably

Chronic Sleep Deprivation correlates with an enhanced phagocytic activity in the brain’s cells.

New Alzheimer’s Treatment Improves Patients’ Cognitive Abilities

NeuroAD, a novel medical device for Alzheimer's treatment, has shown promising results in clinical trials. The lack of side-effects, the cognitive improvements in patients...

Why Do Clowns Scare Us So Much?

For many people, the first word that comes to mind when talking about clowns is 'creepy'. 

A New Hope For Alzheimer’s Disease Immunotherapy

For the first time, an antibody was able to target and disrupt the Aβ plaques in the brain.

Gene-Mapping The Human Brain

Allan Jones and his team, from the Allen Institute for Brain Science, underwent an ambitious project to unravel the endless complexities of the human brain.

Psychosis: Understanding The Symptoms

Dealing with psychotic patients takes more than looking at their diagnostic labels. A psychosis occurs when someone loses contact with reality, usually due to hallucinations (feeling compelled...

Do Dragons Dream Of Tasty Crickets?

Sleeping reptiles show brain patterns resembling sleep cycles in mammals and birds. Sleep cycles When we leave the day behind us and nestle ourselves in our...

Seeing With Eyes Shut: How LSD Causes Hallucinations

Brain scans show the human brain under LSD and explain how hallucinations occur.