Impactstory – the Plug-In That Allows Users to Browser Open Access Papers

Impactstory, a nonprofit organization working to advance open access, has unveiled Unpaywall, a browser plug-in that gives users easy access to electronic open access scientific articles.

Why Do Clowns Scare Us So Much?

For many people, the first word that comes to mind when talking about clowns is 'creepy'. 

The Rise And Fall Of Alexandria’s Library

Knowledge sharing: from Alexandria's Library to Open Access. History has told us that blood spilling is the most common result of a rivalry between ancient cultures....

Fertility Campaigns: It’s A Kid-a-strophe!

Are fertility campaigns the right way to face an ageing population? China and Italy. For once, these two countries couldn’t have been closer. So far, yet...

Otulipenia – A New Inflammatory Disease

Researchers from the U.S. National Institutes of Health, working in collaboration with Turkish and British teams, discovered a new inflammatory disease.