• Recent evidence of a possible fifth force of nature

    Recent evidence of a possible fifth force of nature0

    Scientists conducting an experiment at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) reported evidence of a violation of the Standard Model of subatomic particles, which might indicate the existence of a fifth fundamental force of nature. Let us explore what evidence they have and what it means. Our subatomic world so far Physicists classify matter

  • Science as street art in Leiden

    Science as street art in Leiden0

    Have you ever walked through a poetry book? This is what you will experience visiting Leiden. More than a hundred murals with poems compose the literary route, created in 1992 by the Tegenbeeld (Contrast) foundation, in response to traditional urban art centered on pictures. Each piece has been written in the author’s language, including Japanese,

  • Seven Minutes of Terror

    Seven Minutes of Terror0

    Curiosity can’t wait for his new coworker Perseverance to hit the thin Martian atmosphere next February 18th. As you read this, the NASA rover cruises inside its cozy capsule, bracing itself for the hardest part of the journey: entry, descent, and landing on Mars. The delicate maneuver has been nicknamed by NASA operators as the