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The Politics of Fisheries Science – Here to Stay?

Science advocates endorse its distance from politics, to distinguish scientific practices from ‘post-truth’ methods. A historical study of fisheries science asks, “can science ever be far from politics, and should it?”

Breast Cancer Marker Awarded Amsterdam’s Most Innovative Idea

Health devices and big data ruled the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Awards 2016. "Scientists often find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place: after...

In Praise Of Solitude In Science

Do scientists and innovators benefit from spending time alone? In an age of big science and large collaboration consortia, the benefits of solitude may not...

A Glossary of Annoying Expressions In Science Communication

Are shallow remarks a sign of the fuzzy boundaries between opinions and facts in science?

Fairness In Science: What For?

Why is the quest for fairness in science still relevant today?