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How do Neurons Speak to Each Other?

Human brains can solve sophisticated tasks within milliseconds, much faster than the fastest modern computers. But how can the brain be so quick? The secret of fast signals and image processing depends on coding and decoding rules. The construction of the brain’s software is the subject of an ongoing debate in neuroscience.

In Alzheimer’s Disease, Faulty Tau Spreads Rapidly But Is Not Toxic at First

The accumulation of misfolded tau proteins in the brain is one hallmark of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). Researchers at the University of Southampton, UK, have...

Paper or Audio? It’s All the Same to your Brain. End of Story

The brain processes words in a similar manner, whether you are reading a book or listening to an audiobook. Researchers from the University of...

Two Steps to Self-Control

How many times have you told yourself that you don't need that piece of cake? Still, you end up succumbing to that sweet pile of sugar. The goods news are: you can teach your brain some self-control.