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Cancer is the Leading Cause of Death in High-Income Countries

Cancer kills twice as much as cardiovascular diseases (CVD) and is now the leading cause of death in high-income countries, according to a report...

The Fight for Social Justice in American Hospitals

February ushers in Black History Month, a time to remember and celebrate Black lives in all forms and capacities. This month also marks a period when the intersections of Black identities and social justice are brought to the forefront of society.

Our Healthcare Records Outlive Us – It’s Time to Decide What Happens to the...

Death is inevitable. The creation of healthcare records about every complaint and ailment we seek treatment for is also a near-certainty.

Why We Need Transnational Social Protection for Migrants

The current political situation in the U.S. and Europe might suggest that the end of globalization has begun. But such a scenario is highly...

Doctors Are Not Taught to Care for Underserved Populations

The LGBTQ community doesn’t receive appropriate care because doctors are unprepared to address sexual health, hormone affordability, and personal identity.

February Issue | Health – Why Do We Care?

The oldest documented medical procedure involved drilling a hole in the skull of the patient and removing a piece of it without damaging the...