• Science as street art in Leiden

    Science as street art in Leiden0

    Have you ever walked through a poetry book? This is what you will experience visiting Leiden. More than a hundred murals with poems compose the literary route, created in 1992 by the Tegenbeeld (Contrast) foundation, in response to traditional urban art centered on pictures. Each piece has been written in the author’s language, including Japanese,

  • Latest Theory of Everything to Hit the Physics Shelves

    Latest Theory of Everything to Hit the Physics Shelves3

    ‘Agravity’ may just tie together gravity and the other fundamental forces of nature. Agravity, short for ‘adimensional gravity’, is one of the most recent Theory of Everything (ToE) proposals in a long line of such proposals that have come about ever since the problem of reconciling Gravity with the Standard Model was realized by physicists.

  • Humans Could Walk On Water

    Humans Could Walk On Water0

    Ig Nobel Prize in physics goes to research about walking on water on the moon. Every year in December, the Swedish Academy of Sciences hands out Nobel Prizes for the most important discoveries in science. A few months before, in less grand circumstances, the magazine Annals of Improbable Research awards the lg Nobel Prizes. The