• CTVT: the Cancer ‘Parasite’ that Sailed With Dogs

    CTVT: the Cancer ‘Parasite’ that Sailed With Dogs0

    Title: Somatic evolution and global expansion of an ancient transmissible cancer lineage Published: August 2, 2019Journal: ScienceAuthors: Adrian Baez-Ortega (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK) and colleaguesDOI: 10.1126/science.aau9923 Take-home messages The canine transmissible venereal tumour (CTVT) is a sexually-transmitted cancer The cancer lineage first arose from its founder dog 4000 to 8500 years ago, likely in Asia CTVT underwent a

  • A Step Closer To Artificial Human Beings?

    A Step Closer To Artificial Human Beings?0

    Scientists propose the creation of a synthetic human genome. Do you remember the Human Genome Project (HGP)? Launched in 1990 and declared complete in 2003, it allowed the sequencing of the whole human genome. Scientists could suddenly read the human DNA, base after base- each base being a forming unit of a DNA molecule- in

  • Adding Letters To The ABC Of DNA

    Adding Letters To The ABC Of DNA0

    Researchers are working hard to expand the alphabet of life by adding new bases to DNA.

  • 2015, Gene-editing Awakens

    2015, Gene-editing Awakens3

    CRISPR – the Breakthrough of the Year. 2015 was the year for gene-editing to shine, especially thanks to CRISPR-Cas9. Voted Breakthrough of the Year by the Science journal panel of scientists, few techniques have made such a quick and controversial impact in the last decades as CRISPR. Even though it was already nominated for Breakthrough

  • The Future of Micro Pigs

    The Future of Micro Pigs0

    Different colors and flavors of pig? The Chinese genomics institute BGI (Beijing Genomics Institute) has announced that tiny pigs, created through genetic-editing techniques, are now being sold as pets. The profits generated through revenue will be used to further develop research in this area. Demand for pigs as pets has been growing, especially among the

  • Stuck In The Middle: Migration Routes Of Hybrid Birds

    Stuck In The Middle: Migration Routes Of Hybrid Birds0

    New study finds that hybrid birds follow intermediate migration routes between the ones of their parents.