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CTVT: the Cancer ‘Parasite’ that Sailed With Dogs

Title: Somatic evolution and global expansion of an ancient transmissible cancer lineage Published: August 2, 2019Journal: ScienceAuthors: Adrian Baez-Ortega (University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK) and colleaguesDOI: 10.1126/science.aau9923 Take-home...

A Step Closer To Artificial Human Beings?

Scientists propose the creation of a synthetic human genome. Do you remember the Human Genome Project (HGP)? Launched in 1990 and declared complete in 2003,...

Adding Letters To The ABC Of DNA

Researchers are working hard to expand the alphabet of life by adding new bases to DNA.

2015, Gene-editing Awakens

CRISPR – the Breakthrough of the Year. 2015 was the year for gene-editing to shine, especially thanks to CRISPR-Cas9. Voted Breakthrough of the Year by...