• How Food Shapes Our Cities

    How Food Shapes Our Cities0

    In her book ‘Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives’, architect Carolyn Steel argues that we live in a Sitopia: a world shaped by food. Modern cities have been molded by ancient food routes and now it is time to start looking at big metropolis the way they used to be in past: a big organic

  • 3D Printed Food

    3D Printed Food0

    Fully customizable meals can easily become a reality in the next few years. 3D printing technology will be as common in our kitchens as microwaves and ovens, as soon as the initial skepticism is overcome. Will 3D printed meals be the food of the future?

  • How Much Do We Eat In One Week?

    How Much Do We Eat In One Week?0

    In Chad, $1.23 is enough to feed a family for one week. In the US, a family from North Caroline will spend almost 300 times more to feed the same amount of people. Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio travelled to 24 countries, photographing typical family meals. The result can be seen in the book ‘The