• Fear, our Primitive Friend

    Fear, our Primitive Friend0

    Fear is one of the oldest — in some forms, as old as sentient life on Earth itself—and most primitive emotions of all, designed to guarantee our survival since the beginning of humankind. We evolved fear to protect ourselves from on-going dangers. Fear is the reason why we would rather not be in a forest

  • Sick Of Stress: Is Fear Making Us Ill?

    Sick Of Stress: Is Fear Making Us Ill?10

    Fear of terror increases pulse, the risk of disease and subsequent death. The jitters, cold sweats, fast heart rates, heavy breathing. Fear is known to provoke strong bodily reactions. But how much does fear really influence our health? Can fear make you ill? And if so, is this preventable? In a study published in PNAS

  • Why Measles, Whooping Cough (And Autism) Are Expanding

    Why Measles, Whooping Cough (And Autism) Are Expanding5

    How fear is making people sick: decreasing herd immunity. Preventable diseases such as whooping cough and measles are more prevalent now than they have been in many years. Most of these outbreaks occur in places where vaccination levels are low. What does this mean for the global population, both vaccinated and unvaccinated? How vaccines work The