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The Other Side of the Universe

Grab a book. Notice its length, width and thickness. They correspond, respectively, to the three dimensions of space and, we reasonably assume, to all...

No Escape From Black Holes

The first image of a black hole On April 2017, eight telescopes turned to the sky, pointed to a black hole and photographed it. Those...

A Way To Entangle Photons, Naturally?

Rotating black holes may be able to create entangled states within single photons.

Quantum Technology of Spinning Black Holes

Thoughts of a researcher on quantum technology and the Universe.

Quantum Information Encoded in Spinning Black Holes

Spinning black holes are capable of complex quantum information processes. The black holes sparked the public imagination for almost 100 years. Their presence in the...

How Einstein Could Still Save the Earth

Einstein’s seminal work, known today simply as “General Relativity (GR),” celebrates its 100th birthday this year; it’s only fitting that Science then vindicate his...