Covid-19 Vaccines: A Timeline of Recent Advancements

Covid-19 Vaccines: A Timeline of Recent Advancements
24 November, 2020

Sputnik V vaccine is 91,4% effective

The second analysis of Phase III trials—obtained 28 days after administering the first dose and 7 days after the second —shows that the vaccine developed in Russia has a 91,4% efficacy.

Oxford & AstraZeneca Vaccine candidate shows 70% protection

The candidate Oxford Covid-19 vaccine reduced transmission by 70% in trial participants who received a two-dose regimen. But the dosing scheme of this vaccine is yet to be clarified.

23 November, 2020
20 November, 2020

Pfizer files emergency use authorization to FDA

After having announced a 95% efficacy of their candidate Covid-19 vaccine, Pfizer and BioNTech requested an Emergency Use Authorization to FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The US agency will analyze the request on December 10.

Pfizer and BioNTech announce complete results from Phase III trials

The mRNA-based candidate vaccine was shown to prevent 95% of cases of Covid-19.

18 November, 2020
16 November, 2020

Moderna’s candidate vaccine is 94,5% effective

Over 30,000 participants were enrolled in the trials in the U.S. The biotechnological company plans to submit an authorization request in the following weeks.

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