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Free of HIV: UK Patient is the Second-Ever in Remission

A decade after the ‘Berlin patient’, a second person appears to be free of HIV. A male patient in the UK has been in...

From the Producers of Beer: Cannabinoids in the Lab

Researchers engineered S. cerevisiae, the yeast used for brewing beer, and synthesized the main cannabinoids -THC and CBD- of the plant Cannabis sativa.

Polar Vortex, Environmental Crimes and Deep Sleep

Hundreds dead and missing after dam collapses in Brazil, low-temperature records in Midwest U.S. and a whole new way of learning a language. Here’s our top stories of the week. 

CRISPR Babies, Inexistent Cardiac Stem Cells and deGrasse Tsyon’s Response. This week’s Top Stories

We picked our three favourite stories from last week: why we need stricter regulation for gene-editing research, how deGrasse Tyson ignored the pain he inflicted and what is not inside our hearts. 

California’s Fires, Bolsonaro’s Threats and Kerogen. 3 Top Stories of This Week

Numbers show climate change is driving a trend towards larger fires in California. Meanwhile, Brazil’s newly appointed foreign minister believes climate change is a Marxist plot. Here are the three favourite stories of this week. 

Our Brain’s Unique Cells, Legal Weed in Canada, and More. 5 Stories of the...

We picked our five favourite science news and stories. Here is our week’s roundup.

Acute Flaccid Myelitis is Spreading in the US

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the United States (US), issued a briefing about the increasing number of cases of Acute Flaccid...

The Complete List: The Nobel Prize 2018 Laureates

See the full list of the Nobel Prize Laureates in 2018. Physiology or Medicine James P Allison Tasuku Honjo "for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of...

Sir Atiyah Claims He Solved a 160-Year-Old Math Problem. Did He Really?

Bernhard Riemann formulated his hypothesis about prime numbers in 1859. 160 years later, mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah claims he solved the million-dollar-worth problem.

Contagious Cancers: Lessons From the Tasmanian Devil

Contagious cancers are uncommon; tumour cells rarely go around jumping from one individual to the other. Unless that individual is a Tasmanian Devil -...