• Preventing Peanut Allergies: Consumption or Avoidance?

    Preventing Peanut Allergies: Consumption or Avoidance?0

    New developments require fundamental shifts in anti-allergy policies. Prevention of peanut allergies is a controversial issue, leaving society uncertain whether children should eat or avoid peanuts. Recent scientific studies show that peanut consumption at a young age protects against peanut allergy in children with eczema and/or an egg allergy (high-risk children). What is the effect

  • Could We Use Scents To Improve Our Health?

    Could We Use Scents To Improve Our Health?0

    A new study suggests hidden odours can control our food choices You walk through the sliding doors of the supermarket and, within seconds, your nostrils fill with the smell of freshly baked croissants and bread. Not only do you feel more at ease and happy, but your salivary glands are stimulated and your control over

  • Obesity, Coca-Colonization And Hunger

    Obesity, Coca-Colonization And Hunger0

    Obesity has become an increasingly global phenomenon, with Mexico in the lead.  Obesity is (no longer) a problem restrained to wealthy nations as it is now rapidly spreading to developing nations. According to The Overseas Development Institute, one out three people in the world is currently overweight. Not a single developing nation has managed to eradicate