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    Antara Mazumdar

    Antara is a computational biology researcher at the University of Groningen. She also freelances as a science writer in order to engage the public in the research in several areas of healthcare research. Prior to that, she studied biomedical science and bioinformatics from New Delhi. Outside of work, she enjoys organizing scientific and cultural events, singing and is a travelling enthusiast

Author's Posts

  • The Molecules’ Marathon

    The Molecules’ Marathon0

    The benefits of exercise are not a surprise, and most of us have a fair sense of individual fitness. A recent article published in the Cell Journal1 went a step further and investigated what happens to the body at a molecular level after physical activity. Researchers at Stanford School of Medicine examined the molecular responses

  • Using Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose COVID19

    Using Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose COVID190

    The novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, was first identified in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 and since then it has emerged as a global pandemic. More than 5 million people have been infected globally across 187 countries and over 320,000 people lost their lives to it (1). Because COVID19 (coronavirus disease) is a highly contagious and potentially

  • Skin-based Health Monitoring With BodyNET

    Skin-based Health Monitoring With BodyNET0

    Our skin, the largest organ of our body, can reveal a lot about age and health. For instance, people with fewer red blood cells tend to have pale skin, and those with hepatitis have a yellowish tint1. In the last few years, the skin has gained even more importance in what it can tell about

  • Combating Antibiotic Resistance With a Deep Learning Algorithm 

    Combating Antibiotic Resistance With a Deep Learning Algorithm 0

    Antibiotics have become a familiar resource in households. We use them to treat infections and get cured eventually. However, with time, the infection-causing bacteria adapt to the environment and the antibiotic becomes less potent to cure the infection. Ultimately, we are left with antibiotic resistance, a global menace that, if not tackled in time, can