Anil Baslamisli

I completed my Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering with honors at Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus, in 2014. The idea of creating smart machine algorithms intrigued me to learn more about them. I earned my Master’s degree with distinction from Tampere University of Technology, Finland, in 2016 and performed my thesis “Camera Sensor Invariant Auto White Balance Algorithm Weighting” under the supervision of Prof. Moncef Gabbouj, in collaboration with Intel. During my studies, I also carried out an internship at Microsoft Finland, where I worked on image sharpness optimization and auto white balance problems. I really enjoyed my time working on different computer vision-related tasks such that I was contributing to solving daily life problems. The whole experience increased my enthusiasm to learn more and contribute to society. This led me to my current position, where I am doing my Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam under the supervision of Prof. Theo Gevers. We do computer vision research on scene understanding and analysis tasks.