• The neurotransmitter of passion

    The neurotransmitter of passion0

    The brain is the master of human sexual behavior. It plays an important role in sexual desire, arousal, and orgasm. Sex is a complex process, which involves many neural networks. What chemicals are involved in capturing the pleasure of sex? What makes us stubbornly pursue it? Let’s explore what having sex looks like from our

  • Glowing In The Dark Won’t Get You Laid

    Glowing In The Dark Won’t Get You Laid0

    Male genetically modified zebrafish aren’t exactly Casanova’s. First things first, this is not written as an argument for or against genetic modification. It’s an intense and complicated debate, and shouting or finger-pointing will get us nowhere. Anyway, that’s for another day. Now, it’s time for funky science. One of the arguments that opponents of genetically

  • Want To Look Sexier? Pick The Right Crowd

    Want To Look Sexier? Pick The Right Crowd0

    Uneven sex ratio of a population makes people more willing to look at you. What does it take to look attractive for members of the opposite sex? The answers that are usually given to this question are as varied as the people seeking them. A recent study, performed by researchers at the university of Glasgow and published

  • Sex Sells: A Closer Look At Self-image And Gender Affected By Media

    Sex Sells: A Closer Look At Self-image And Gender Affected By Media1

    Study shows that sex-priming substantially influences gender-based self-perception. Since the fifties, traditional roles for men and women have changed dramatically, as many women further their careers whilst men can be househusbands. It seems, therefore, that the roles and characteristics of gender roles overlap more than ever. However, contemporary media provides a very different image. Consider, for

  • Shy Women At Risk Of Poor Sex Life

    Shy Women At Risk Of Poor Sex Life0

    Study explores relation between personality and sexual (dys)function While it is a taboo to talk about, a lot people face troubles in their sex lives. Sexual disorders impact up to 31% of men and 43% of women. Common problems among women are inhibited sexual desire, painful intercourse or lack of orgasm. So what exactly influences

  • Why HIV Prevention Programs Fail

    Why HIV Prevention Programs Fail0

    The gap between knowledge and practice of risky sexual behaviors for HIV. Sunday the first of December it was World Aids Day, a day to raise awareness of this destructive pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection. Globally around 34 million people are living with HIV. World Aids Day is aimed at teaching people