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Seven Minutes of Terror

Curiosity can't wait for his new coworker Perseverance to hit the thin Martian atmosphere next February 18th. As you read this, the NASA rover...

6 Discoveries that Will Help Us Understand Life Beyond Earth

Looking at some of the interesting things to come out of Space and Astronomy this past year.

Voyager 2 Leaves the Solar Influence and Enters the Interstellar Space

Voyager 2 has entered the interstellar space, outside the Sun’s realm. Researchers Bill Kurth and Don Gurnett, at the University of Iowa, confirmed that...

Top News: Ban on Gene-Editing, Melting Arctic and Opportunity’s Last Photos

Scientists ask for a global ban on gene-editing for clinical uses, the UN reveals the dimension of the Arctic’s catastrophe and NASA shows the last photos taken by the Opportunity rover; these were our favourite stories from this week.