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The Pantanal Diaries IV: Not Ready To Leave

Language’s barriers in the field It is somewhat ironic that, close to the end of my journey through Brazil’s Pantanal region, I have become the...

The Pantanal Diaries III: Ready to Mix

After getting settled into Brazilian Pantanal and facing the challenges of hard fieldwork, Chiara experiences the thrill of archaeological discoveries. Volunteering at WCS (Wildlife Conservation...

The Pantanal Diaries II: Ready To Get Dirty

Emerge into Brazil's swamp, with Chiara and the Wildlife Conservation Society. 

The Pantanal Diaries I: Ready To Fly

Emerge into Brazil's swamp, with Chiara and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

4 Ways Meat Industry Is Destroying The Environment

Meat industry responsible for irreversible environmental damages, Cowspiracy reveals.

A Steak A Day Will Keep Sustainability Away

Meat industry under pressure, after Cowspiracy revealed unsustainable practices. Since we were little, we were taught that cows are happy big animals that give us...