• 12,500 Years Old Rock Art Revealed in Colombian Amazon

    12,500 Years Old Rock Art Revealed in Colombian Amazon1

    A team of British-Colombian Archaeologists discovered, recently, an important collection of rock art from 12,500 years ago in the cliffs of Serranía de la Lindosa, Colombia. The giant rock art depicts geometric shapes, humans, and ice age animals, such as the mastodon and the palaeolama. Researchers believe that the vibrant red pictures were drawn by the community

  • What Did Viking Music Sound Like?

    What Did Viking Music Sound Like?0

    Did the Vikings have music? The Germanic Scandinavians of the Viking Age (c. 793-1066), often called “Vikings” for the part of their population that went seafaring abroad, did not leave any written records of their music. But does this mean that they did not have music? Evidence of Viking Music in the Archaeological Record Archaeological

  • The Hunt for the Higgs Bison Is Over

    The Hunt for the Higgs Bison Is Over0

    The odd hybrid of aurochs and steppe bison has now been confirmed to exist, during the last Ice Age. Some hybrid creatures are confined to myth and legend, while others end up turning out to be real after all. The case of the “Higgs Bison” is one that can now be placed in the latter

  • Humans Did Not Speciate For Two Million Years

    Humans Did Not Speciate For Two Million Years0

    Newly found fossils suggest hominids are ‘breeds’ of the same species. I remember hearing exactly this sort of thing in my anthropology/archaeology courses while I trudged through university attaining my first degree.  Maybe you’ve also taken similar courses in the past, and have heard the same kind of thing. Well, a recent discovery in Dmanisi

  • England’s King Richard III Found

    England’s King Richard III Found0

    DNA samples, dates and spinal deformity match bones in parking lot. The bones of King Richard III, one of England’s least liked and most violent monarchs, have been identified by DNA testing against descendants, carbon dating of the bones, and a spinal deformity he was known to have. The bones were found last fall under