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  • The Cognitive Sequels of Covid-19

    The Cognitive Sequels of Covid-190

    According to a non-peer-reviewed report, some people who have suffered and recovered from Covid-19 showed considerable cognitive performance deficits. A study performed by Imperial College London researchers analysed the results of over 80,000 Covid-19 infected patients who were part of a study named the Great British Intelligence Test. The cognitive loss was most significant in

  • 12,500 Years Old Rock Art Revealed in Colombian Amazon

    12,500 Years Old Rock Art Revealed in Colombian Amazon1

    A team of British-Colombian Archaeologists discovered, recently, an important collection of rock art from 12,500 years ago in the cliffs of Serranía de la Lindosa, Colombia. The giant rock art depicts geometric shapes, humans, and ice age animals, such as the mastodon and the palaeolama. Researchers believe that the vibrant red pictures were drawn by the community