• 10 Science News from 2020

    10 Science News from 20200

    January 2020Tragic month in AustraliaThe 2019-20 fire season in Australia was one of the tragic of all times. By the end of January, more than 50 fires were still active. One million hectares of forest and parks across Australia have burned, and dozens of people lost their lives.WHO declares Covid a pandemicOn March 11, whenREAD MORE
  • The 5 Most Popular UA Magazine Articles of 20190

    Civil Disobedience in Democracies: Why Citizens May Break the Law In UA Magazine’s most-read essay of 2019, Tine Madsen dissects the moral questions raised by civil disobedience and its role in liberal democracies. She proposes a new approach to frame civil disobedience in protests of political decisions and the majority’s authority. Ageing Is a Wicked

  • Get involved: become a science blogger

    Get involved: become a science blogger0

    Do you want to become a guest blogger? Get involved in our mission and join the publishing team of United Academics! The United Academics Foundation (UAF) connects science and society: creating a world where scientific research results are accessible to all, so that knowledge can easily spread and be built upon. We are looking for