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    Stefan Lipman

    How do we decide about our health? For Stefan Lipman, this question is core to his research, teaching and train of thought. He is mainly interested in finding answers to this question by combining insights from health economics, behavioral economics, and psychology. Stefan studied social and health psychology, and currently is a Ph.D. candidate at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Most of his work has focused on risk and time preference for health, valuation of health and quality of life and understanding healthy behaviour.

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  • Putting a Price on Life: Why and How

    Putting a Price on Life: Why and How0

    Public and private spending on health care has risen steadily worldwide over the past decades1. Take, for instance, the country where I live. In the Netherlands, the health care system is publicly funded through mandatory health insurance. The Dutch expenditure on health has increased at a higher rate than the gross national product2 in many