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    Kiranpreet Kaur

    Kiranpreet Kaur is a PhD student working on African authored African Travel Writings under the supervision of Dr Rebecca Jones and Dr Kate Skinner from the Department of African Studies and Anthropology and Dr Asha Rogers from Department of English. Her work focuses on African identity construction in colonial and postcolonial Anglophone African Travel narratives. She holds an M.Phil. in English from the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India. She has published in various research journals and has also published a book that is a collection of poems in Punjabi language. Along with this, she has worked as a creative head for Bombay based Film Company. She has written fiction and non-fiction for them for two years. Recently she has also appeared on Akaal Channel discussing issues such as identity, the importance of relics and artefacts in the construction of identity.

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  • Understanding Africa through Travel Writing

    Understanding Africa through Travel Writing0

    Travel writing is the literary narration of a journey by the traveller. But the genre is far bigger than its conventional definition. Travelogues express political commitments, states Debbie Lisle, who deals with the “connection of travel literature to the serious business of world affairs*”. More than just a literary genre with a political implementation, travel