Sexual thoughts causing you to sneeze?

This one’s already been covered here:

In short, for some people particular aspects of sex, from orgasms to merely thinking about sexy things, can cause them to sneeze, at times uncontrollably. While the reason for this has yet to be nailed down, the paper discussed within the above-linked article suggests it could be due to some “cross-wiring” going on between the nerve centers responsible for sneezing and for sex.

People talking about you behind your back causing you to sneeze?

This one’s an interesting one. The only reason I even heard of this one is that it’s a common occurrence in Anime.  The basics of this one is that a couple friends or relatives will gossip about a particular person, meanwhile, that person will suddenly sneeze for no apparent reason.

It seems this phenomenon is known commonly in Japan, hence why it appears in their animated and cartoon works (that is, Anime and Manga respectively). While the research on this matter is scarce, there is the following link that notes the Japanese believe if you sneeze once out-of-the-blue it probably means someone’s gossiping nicely about you, twice means the gossip is not-so-nice, and thrice means the gossip is very bad indeed.. Read more here:

The Sun causing you to sneeze?

I’m putting this one here because I personally suffer from it. If it’s bright outside, once I step outside I’m bound to sneeze a couple times. Turns out I’m not alone in this one, either….

Apparently, it’s a well-known phenomenon in Science, now, and doctors even call it “Photic Sneeze Reflex.” Here’s an interesting paper on the matter:

While that study is rather old, the authors have still found some intriguing possibilities as to why this reason for sneezing may take place. Notably, they found this condition appears to affect men more than women and also that it may be passed down genetically.

For more on sneezing, and all the weird reasons people sneeze, take a gander here:

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