• The Cyberspace Evolution of Beauty

    The Cyberspace Evolution of Beauty0

    Researchers using CGI images found that beauty evolves in two steps. Explaining attractiveness Symmetrical faces and bodies are nice to look at. Men prefer a specific waist-to-hip ratio. People with a Body Mass Index within a certain range are more often perceived as beautiful, and tall people are generally judged as being more attractive. Explanations

  • Want To Look Sexier? Pick The Right Crowd

    Want To Look Sexier? Pick The Right Crowd0

    Uneven sex ratio of a population makes people more willing to look at you. What does it take to look attractive for members of the opposite sex? The answers that are usually given to this question are as varied as the people seeking them. A recent study, performed by researchers at the university of Glasgow and published

  • Why (Some) Women (Dis)like Porn

    Why (Some) Women (Dis)like Porn0

    Hyperfeminine women seem to appreciate pornography more than other women. Pornography is considered a male thing. It is produced by men, for men. As a result, women are often expected to dislike it. And many women do. There is a large body of research that shows that women respond with less sexual arousal and more

  • Using Cannabis To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy

    Using Cannabis To Relieve Stress During Pregnancy0

    Study shows that cannabis relieves stress and is not harmful to the child. Stress is a condition that affects more people every day. The association with different patterns of behavior, psychological well-being and physical health has been studied for quite some time. Stress is perceived as a psychological concept and therefore an abstract matter. However,

  • Attractive Cyclists Perform Better

    Attractive Cyclists Perform Better0

    Study of Tour de France links endurance performance to attractiveness. Women are picky when it comes to choosing a partner. The reasoning goes as follows: men have a virtually unlimited supply of sperm cells, while women only possess a limited amount of egg cells. So, to maximize reproductive success, men should try to get as

  • Women Are Better Than Men At Multi-tasking

    Women Are Better Than Men At Multi-tasking1

    Women beat men in combining tasks, especially under pressure. It seems to be a common belief that women perform better than men at multi-tasking, but there has not been any scientific evidence for that so far. Or at least until Oct. 24th 2013, when for the first time the paper entitled “Are women better than men