• Scientists succeed in bringing molecules into a new quantum state of matter

    Scientists succeed in bringing molecules into a new quantum state of matter0

    A group of researchers from the University of Chicago, led by Professor Cheng Chin, ultra cooled down a gas of atoms synthesizing, for the first time, a superfluid of molecules.  A superfluid is a rare state of nature where a substance suddenly flows without apparent friction, allowing it to seep through tiny pores where regular

  • News Diffusion on Twitter

    News Diffusion on Twitter0

    What happens to a news article after it is tweeted by a news organization? Sudha Ram of the University of Arizona used network analysis to explore the varying patterns of news diffusion on Twitter for 12 major news agencies. This image depicts the Twitter Activity Network of The New York Times, which shows a high

  • Ham the Chimp

    Ham the Chimp0

    Ham the Chimp, also known as Ham the Astrochimp, the first chimpanzee launched into space by the American space program (January 31, 1961). Source: How to Be a Retronaut

  • Data Visualization: Newsmap

    Data Visualization: Newsmap0

    Are you overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet?  Then Newsmap might help you. It’s an application launched in 2004 by Design Engineer Marcos Weskamp, which collects the data from the Google news aggregator to display it in a more comprehensive fashion. Headlines are shown inside boxes of different sizes and colours, depending