• Motion Sickness On A Board

    Motion Sickness On A Board0

    The Industrial Revolution changed our lifestyle. It made it possible to cross long distances faster than ever before. However, some people did not fully adapt to the new ways of travelling. What is going on? Travelling has never been easier. But, for some of us, being a passenger can be a nightmare.  When we sit

  • 5 Crazy Cures that Actually Work

    5 Crazy Cures that Actually Work0

    Urban legend-type remedies get proven with peer-reviewed research.   1 ~ Seawater (cures sinus congestion) After seeing several commercials for the brand-spanking-new nasal congestion relief product known as Hydrasense, espousing the effectiveness of seawater on sinus afflictions, I decided to find out if actual peer-review concurs in any way to these claims. Turns out there is