• Green, Gold or Diamond?

    Green, Gold or Diamond?0

    An interview with Louis Lapidaire, the founder of United Academics.

  • Diamond Open Access

    Diamond Open Access1

    Free to read and free to publish Editor’s note: We have also recently published an interview with Louis Lapidaire, founder of United Academics, on this same subject. Have a look! The primary move towards Open Access is caused by a belief that the results of scientific research are a public good. Therefore, they should be

  • Why The Vikings Chose The Misleading Name ‘Greenland’

    Why The Vikings Chose The Misleading Name ‘Greenland’1

    We all know the story of Columbus mistakingly naming the native inhabitants of the America’s ‘Indians’. It still is fascinating that this error was never rectified. But how about the name Greenland for a big piece of ice and snow? Where did that come from? Is there another amusing story behind this misfit? Unlike Iceland,

  • 3-D Printing Good For The Environment

    3-D Printing Good For The Environment0

    Why printing at home is greener than mass production. Have you always wanted a 3-D printer but never really had a justification for the investment? Well, a study done by Michigan technological University has your back. It shows that in many cases 3-D printing products are more environmentally friendly than mass production. This result even

  • European Green Capital

    European Green Capital0

    You may not have noticed, but at the moment there is a race going on for the title of European Green Capital 2014.  The race is down to 3 finalists: Copenhagen, Frankfurt, and Bristol. Not exactly the list you might expect. Copenhagen is an obvious candidate in any evaluation of environmental quality. 35% of all

  • Green Lifestyle

    Green Lifestyle0

    Going Green: The Process of Lifestyle Change The fact that all over the world people do things in there everyday lives in an effort to reduce their energy use, waste, and other environmentally connected life habits is a subject that inspired Janet A. Lorenzen’s research article entitled “Going Green: The Process of Lifestyle Change.” Reducers,