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How Planetary Iron May Have Driven Evolution of Complex Life

Iron forms a unique constituent of enzymes and proteins that play an important role in life. Living cells use iron in a range of...

Journey and Science of the Largest and Most Powerful Space Telescope Ever Built

“Nature speaks to men in a voice familiar to his soul”Alexander von Humboldt When Alexander von Humboldt sailed to Cumaná, Venezuela, he became obsessed with...

Astronomers May Have Spotted an Exoplanet in Another Galaxy

In 1923, Edwin Hubble made an astonishing discovery: the Milky Way does not encompass the whole universe. After many autumn nights, aiming the Hooker...

Awesome Astronomy To Take Your Mind Off Current Events

The largest structures in the universe, potential exomoons, some strange exoplanets, and even an exosolar System that might be full of habitable worlds.

Galactic Updates: TRAPPIST-1 and Other Exoplanetary Interests

Catching up on the most interesting exoplanetary system to-date, as well as a couple of notable findings by Kepler mark 2.