• Intelligent Whales Have Their Own Culture

    Intelligent Whales Have Their Own Culture1

    Whales give each other tips about new fishing techniques. Whales are one the most fascinating and intelligent creatures we know and we certainly want to protect these biggest fishes, or actually mamals, in the sea. But luckily whales are not helpless against the latest ecological changes. A new study found they work together in adapting to

  • How to Catch A Dragon

    How to Catch A Dragon0

    Using camera traps to monitor Komodo dragons How do you catch a dragon? Do you go looking for a brave knight to send forth on a difficult quest? Or a legendary hunter without fear? No. You use cameras to capture their image. To be clear, the dragons we’re talking about here are Komodo dragons (Varanus komodoensis), the largest

  • How Eating Monkey Meat Leads to Less Fruit

    How Eating Monkey Meat Leads to Less Fruit4

    A new discovery of the unwanted influence of humans. In Africa people eat monkey meat for the protein it contains. You can guess this is bad news for the monkey population, but it actually has far bigger consequences for the whole forrest and eventually for humans themselves. It could lead to less fruits and nuts,