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    Simone Munao

    Simone holds a MSc in Applied Mathematics from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and a PhD in Mathematics from the VU University Amsterdam. His research interests focus on differential equations and topology with applications to both diffusive phenomena and fluid dynamics. Besides Maths, he plays the piano and enjoys tennis and yoga.

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  • Maxwell Equations And Knot Theory

    Maxwell Equations And Knot Theory0

    New solutions of the Maxwell equations with the form of a knot. The Maxwell equations are fundamental equations that describe the behavior of a magnetic field. Elaborated at the end of the Nineteenth century by the British physicist J.C. Maxwell, they are still an example of simplicity and elegance in Mathematics. And they keep astonishing

  • Einstein’s Hidden Theory Uncovered

    Einstein’s Hidden Theory Uncovered2

    Alternative Big Bang Theory found in an unpublished manuscript by Einstein. Almost 20 years before Fred Hoyle and his colleagues introduced the theory of a stationary universe, as opposed to that of Big Bang, Albert Einstein had had a similar idea: a universe that is continuously and eternally expanding, with self-regenerating matter. Einstein described a

  • Life on Earth: Best Before 1.75 Billion Years

    Life on Earth: Best Before 1.75 Billion Years0

    Maybe not everybody knows that life on Earth has an expiration date, and it will come many years before the end of the Solar System. We know that the Sun is a middle-aged star, it is almost 5 billion years old. About another 5 million years will have to pass before the Sun will enter

  • Spain Is Also Mathematically The Best Soccer Team

    Spain Is Also Mathematically The Best Soccer Team0

    Mathematicians use network theory to analyze soccer strategies. If you think that mathematics and soccer are two worlds far apart, then you should be aware that recent research has been conducted on the topic with profitable results. Mathematicians Javier López Peña from University College London and Hugo Touchette of Queen Mary, University of London have