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  • Trust Issues? Listen To Your Heart

    Trust Issues? Listen To Your Heart0

    Research shows that our hearts beat in sync when we think about trusting each other. Trust is a crucial part of society, building complicated links between individuals, companies and even nations, but behavioural scientists have struggled to find a way to measure the physiological signs of trust. A new study suggests that our hearts might

  • It’s A Water Full World: World Water Week 2015

    It’s A Water Full World: World Water Week 20150

    Three big ideas from World Water Week 2015 World Water Week is an annual conference organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute that discusses global issues concerning water. Held in August 2015, World Water Week attracted over 3,000 participants, including government ministers, scientists and economists, from 130 different countries. To celebrate its 25th anniversary this

  • The Hunt For Missing Galaxies

    The Hunt For Missing Galaxies0

    With gravitational lensing, researchers could locate population III stars in far galaxies. The Big Bang explains the presence of the two lightest elements in the universe, hydrogen and helium, but the origin of many of the heavier elements that exist today remains unsolved. A promising theory to explain their creation is the formation of population III

  • Ending A Relationship: Slow Fade Or Sudden Death?

    Ending A Relationship: Slow Fade Or Sudden Death?0

    Of two network breakdown models, researchers find ‘link deletion’ to be most common. We all lose touch with people during our lives, but while we might assume that our relationships gradually fade as we drift apart, new research suggests they end far more abruptly. Network breakdown types Modelling social networks has become a big research