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  • Cats Won’t Answer Your Call Or Ring You Back

    Cats Won’t Answer Your Call Or Ring You Back4

    …Even if they recognize you Dear readers, This is not about any breakthrough discovery in the field of Nano science. I am sorry, but I really need to talk and give vent to my feelings. I thought there was something special, a deep connection, but now I only feel betrayed and used like a servant.

  • Blue Eyes Mean Lies?

    Blue Eyes Mean Lies?2

    Study shows eye colour has an influence on our perception of trustworthiness Have you ever noticed how sometimes we get an inexplicable gut feeling of honesty from someone we have just met? And how other times we immediately categorize someone as deceitful and sly after a quick glimpse? What is it that influences our perception

  • Disturbing Facts About Sunscreen

    Disturbing Facts About Sunscreen6

    What you should know about sun cream ingredients. Summer is back again and so is the yearly dilemma: how can I enjoy the nice weather and protect my skin at the same time? With such a plethora of sunscreens which one should I use? We can distinguish two types of UV filters. Sunscreen active ingredients


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