• Orgasms Don’t Make Women More Fertile

    Orgasms Don’t Make Women More Fertile0

    Research shows no relationship, after all While the reasons for a male orgasm may appear to be a rather obvious incentive to mate and procreate, scientists have debated more on why a female organism exists. Many sex researchers have assumed that female orgasm rates correlated with fertility; the more she has, the more kids she’ll

  • Beat Me, Hurt Me: BDSM Practices Are Healthy

    Beat Me, Hurt Me: BDSM Practices Are Healthy1

    Researcher finds psychologically sound practitioners Whips and chains, handcuffs and other forms of bondage are usually considered a sign of impaired mental health. In fact, the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5), the so-called “psychiatrist’s bible,” lists BDSM (bondage, dominance and sadomasochism) as an unusual fixation—and a disorder if it inflicts personal

  • Ejaculating Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

    Ejaculating Every Day Keeps the Doctor Away?1

    This image, spreading over the Internet, suggests that frequent ejaculation lowers the risk of prostate cancer by a third. But is it also true? We checked the original research paper to find out. The researchers studied men under 70 with (n=1079) and without (n=1259) prostate cancer. The subjects were asked to report the average number

  • Human Nature 1; AIDS Prevention 0

    Human Nature 1; AIDS Prevention 00

    African HIV trial fails for the wrong reasons. The study had such promise. HIV among young African women is still running rampant, and other research had shown that using either anti-retroviral tablets every day, or an anti-retrovirus gel before and/or after sex, was every effective at preventing the onset of AIDS. But when researchers looked

  • Teen Girls and Sex: “It’s like doing homework”

    Teen Girls and Sex: “It’s like doing homework”3

    In one of my previous blogs I wrote about how girls’ academic achievement was related to a new standard of femininity that girls need to live up to. Recently, I came across an article that shows yet another way academic achievement may influence girls (sexual) development. In their article ‘“It’s Like Doing Homework” Academic Achievement Discourse

  • Macaques Prefer Secret Sex

    Macaques Prefer Secret Sex0

    Sexual competition is highly prevalent within groups of macaques. Therefore, the animals are tended to avoid potentially interfering group members when having sex. Until now, it was unclear how this avoidance behavior exactly occurs. In a new study, a team of Dutch biologists monitored the sexual behavior of a group macaques to investigate which group