• Benefits Of Increasing Arrogance Of Modern Youth

    Benefits Of Increasing Arrogance Of Modern Youth0

    Social media may not be all bad. We have heard a lot about how Facebook and other social media are influencing our society, our interpersonal relations and even our personality. We learned how forms of communication would make us lonely, for example. Or how it would make us happier. We even made a listed of

  • Collective Self-Esteem Predicts Depression

    Collective Self-Esteem Predicts Depression3

    Can a positive attitude towards our group make us feel less depressed? How people feel about themselves and the social group they belong to might be one of the driving forces behind the growing problem of depression among adolescents, two Indian psychologists figured. Earlier studies already found correlations between self-esteem and depression, but these researchers

  • Strippers in America’s Bible Belt – Research

    Strippers in America’s Bible Belt – Research0

    Published author Lara Morrow reflects on her experiences doing her undergrad liberal arts thesis about strippers in America’s Bible belt: 30 Rock’s pilot features Tracy Morgan bringing Tina Fey’s character Liz Lemon to a strip club. While there, she proclaims, “I’m not like these girls, Tracy. I don’t have sex for money!” The nearest stripper

  • Why Women Make Noise During Sex

    Why Women Make Noise During Sex0

    Male ejaculation is influenced by female sex noises. If you are convinced you always make the ladies scream out of pleasure in bed, you may get disappointed. It seems that women use moaning, sighing, and dirty talk to manipulate men ejaculatory behavior to their advantage. Researchers of the University of Central Lancashire and the University

  • Plastic Fantastic?

    Plastic Fantastic?0

    If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your breasts, you are not alone. Many women opt for a boob job to boost their confidence. But does the surgeon’s scalpel actually benefit someone’s body satisfaction? New psychological research suggests the answer is “no”. To investigate the link between body satisfaction and plastic surgery,