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Video: Helicopter Flies by Thought Control

Video: Helicopter Flies by Thought Control

Non-invasive controls could mean better robot limbs.

technology, robotics, prosthetics, neuroscience, University of Minnesota

This video shows a demonstration flight of a new helicopter. But the helicopter isn’t new; the way it’s controlled is. The entire flight was managed by the thoughts of a man wearing a cap with electrodes. The researchers think that if a helicopter can be piloted by detachable electrodes, then these electrodes could be used to make non-invasive limbs for the disabled.

Source: YouTube/University of Minnesota

Photo: Flickr

Lafleur K, Cassady K, Doud A, Shades K, Rogin E, & He B (2013). Quadcopter control in three-dimensional space using a noninvasive motor imagery-based brain-computer interface. Journal of neural engineering, 10 (4) PMID: 23735712

brain control helicopter, thought controlled helicopter, robot limb

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